A Soft Collective turns one!


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Humble Beginnings

It really only feels like a few months ago that A Soft Collective emerged from a little chat about our shared love for film photography in a little Japanese restaurant in the heart of Melbourne.

Coming from creative backgrounds, we spoke about creativity as a driving force to social change. We also discussed the involvement of photography as one of the most influential creative mediums that’s been consistent in documenting and informing society of poignant social and political moments over generations. 

Thinking about the history of photography as a male dominant field and the climate we find ourselves in today, we thought deeply about what inspired us to use film and the solidarity we share online with other woman˚ who also shoot film.

A year on from that day, we’re committed to steadily growing a community through our collective with the intention to nurture an online and physical community among fellow woman˚ in a way that connects us on a deeper and creative level. A Soft Collective exists, for us, to further unite woman˚ through their creative endeavours in film photography. 

Gabrielle Kendall

Gabrielle Kendall – @softcopies_

A Soft Solo Show

On our first birthday (woah we’re here already?!) not only are we celebrating our humble beginning, the truly talented individuals we’ve featured and supported so far, our involvement in our first ever group show ‘Spring-Time 3’, we’d also like to mark the occasion by announcing our very first solo show as a collective in 2019!

At the core of our community we whole-heartedly believe that by increasing the presence of woman in the medium of film photography, that the future of film will be intersectional, with the hope that society follows in close pursuit. Our upcoming exhibition will continue to celebrate the individuals who embrace the medium of film photography and will examine their unique experiences as creative woman˚ in contemporary society. 

We’d like to give a big thank-you to those who have been standing on the sideline, cheering us on. We know and love who you are! 

We can’t wait to grow and showcase work by our collectives over the next orbit around the sun. 

Stay Soft x
Gabrielle, Taya & A Soft Collective